3 Day Halal

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A three-day assortment of halal meals.

A three-day assortment of halal meals.



Box Halal 3 jours

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Coffee, tea, drinking chocolate, milk, apple juice, milk rolls, butter, jam.

Picnics and snacks

Sandwich bread, cheese, hamburger slices, halal mortadella, fruit, crisps, chocolate-filled biscuits

3 evening meals:

Oriental tabbouleh
Spaghetti in tomato sauce
Fruit yoghurt

Grated carrot
Chili sin carne
Plain yoghurt

Grated carrot
Gnocchi to fry, ratatouille
Fruit yoghurt

Cleaning kit

Bin bags, toilet paper, sponge, paper napkins, multi-purpose cleaner, dishwasher tablets.

Condiment kit

Sugar, salt, pepper, mustard, ketchup, salad dressing.